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Bhubaneshwar is capital of Orissa have famous attractions of various temples and their architecture. Bhubaneswar temple Tourism promotes various tour packages and hotels to travel here.

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Bhubaneswar Travel Tours on Famous Temple Attractions in India

The city is the capital of Orissa, Bhubaneshwar is an interesting mix of the ancient and the modern. Its nearly 2,000-year-old history is almost shrouded in the dust and din of a modern city. But even today, the city is dotted with ancient Temples, the main reason for tourist to travel to this city.

There is no real downtown area and is everything is spread out in this city.

Bhubaneswar Travel with Tourist Attraction
» Linga raj Mandir : The presiding deity is the svayambhu linga, hari-hara linga ,which is half Shiva nad half Vishnu.This is the Temple from which Bhubaneshwar gets its name. Or more accurately, the city gets its names from the deity enshrined within. The Temple is dedicated to the Lord of the Three Worlds, Tribhuaneshwar (also known as Bhubaneshwar). Linga raj Mandir is surrounded by a wall and is closed to non-Hindus. Non-Hindus are just allowed to see over the wall from the viewing platform. Built originally in the 7th century, most of it was redone between 1090 to 1104AD.There is a 4 days chariot festival every March/ April when Linga raja is drawn on his chariot to the Rameshwara Temple, the attraction that pulls the devotees.

» Mukteswara Temple : Built in 10th century, this small elegant Temple hs been described as the most exquisitely ornamented Temple in Bhubaneswar.Described as the 'gem of Orissan architecture', it's been built according to the Kalinga School of Architecture.The sandstone carving are the most notable feature of this Temple. It is also known for its ornamented gateway, carved dwarves, and intricate motif carvings of the smiling lion, adorned with beaded tassels in its mouth.

Mukteswara Temple

» Raj Rani Mandir : Travel to famous Raja Rani Temple which is surrounded by a nice garden is no longer used for worship .This Temple was dedicated to Lord Buddha and is known for its well-carved tower.The Temple is guarded by four pairs of statues representing the eight dikpalas (protectors). More in tradition of the erotic Temples at Khajuraho, it has carved figures of celestial apsaras (nymphs), embracing couples, elephants and lions. Around the Temples are carvings of the eight dikpalas (Temple guards) who protect the Temple from different protection.

» Brahmeshwar Mandir Travel : This Temple was built around 1050 and is Siva linga Temple with active worship. About a kilometre from the main Bhubaneswar-Puri road, the 9th century Brahmeshwar Temple stands in a courtyard and is surrounded by four smaller edifices. Pretty much like Raj Rani Mandir, this one too is known for its erotic sculptures.The main tower is about 18m high.

Buyer's Paradise
Shopping is another major attractions among the visitors. Most shops close from noon to 4pm everyday and Thursday all day. You can get good fabrics at Handloom weavers Co-operative, Hall no-2, west market building,which is closed on Sunday.

Bhubaneshwar is a modern city where the Government Emporia 'Utkalika', exhibit a comprehensive range of local fare collected from all corners of the State. Local art and crafts like silver filigree work, stone and wood carvings , 'Patta' paintings , tie and dye textiles, bamboo baskets brass and horn works , appliqué and 'Ikat' fabrics are available at most places. They are authentic and quite reasonably priced.

Most of the year,the government emporiums offer some discount and the quality is guaranteed.

» By Air : Biju Patnaik Airport: 3 km from the city centre; is the only major airport in the entire state.

» By Rail : Well connected to Calcutta, Puri, Chennai, Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Tirupati and Trivandrum. Railway Station: Located in the centre of the city, in the crowded Master Canteen Square.

» By Road : Both deluxe and regular buses ply to Berhampur (174 km), Chilka (110 km), Cuttack (24 km), Konark (69 km), Puri (58 km), Paradip, Rourkela, Sambalpur and other places.

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